Narrating (in) Community Colleges this Friday, May 2nd!

Fri May 2, 10:00am – 4:00pm | A Day of Discussion | @The Graduate Center
Narrating (in) Community Colleges

Writing, both narrative and non-narrative, has long been a focus in community colleges. But students and faculty at community colleges have radically different experiences in their encounters with writing. For some students, writing in the community college serves as a gate-keeping process; students on vocational tracks may have many fewer opportunities for writing; still other students may be asked to focus on technical writing alone. But even seemingly “basic” forms of writing like personal narratives serve to mediate individual and societal relations in critical and creative ways. This moment provides us with an opportunity for linking narrative and other forms of writing to recent changes and developments in community colleges. For this conference, the Narrating Change Seminar in the Humanities is gathering scholars, teachers, students, and activists from throughout the CUNY community to reflect on these issues and engage with questions of practice and policy. Conference details coming soon.

Cosponsored by the Narrating Change Seminar in the Humanities, Center for Place, Culture, and Politics, Center for Globalization and Social Change and the Human Development, Psychology Training Area.

Discussions led by a number of Graduate Center and Community College faculty and students:

(in alphabetical order) Anthony Allessandrini, David Caicedo Colette Daiute, Sujatha  Fernandes, Svetlana Jovic, Phil Kreniske, Justin Rogers-Cooper, Jesse Schwartz and Renata Strashnaya.