Narrative Inquiry in Education Research Course Description @AERA Chicago

Here’s the course description for our (Colette Daiute and Phil Kreniske)¬†AERA Professional Development Course

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PDC09: Narrative Inquiry in Education Research
The course format includes presentations and hands-on modules for narrative research design and narrative analysis in studies of teaching and learning sensitive to diversity, social change, and other issues. This course demonstrates and practices research designs and strategies involving students, teachers, and policy makers in educational contexts addressing diversity, power relations, social justice goals, as well as relevant curricula. Assignments include doing values analysis, significance analysis, practice making observations from analyses addressing research questions, and to examine narrative data provided by the instructors or data brought by course participants. No equipment or prior experience with narrative analysis is required. Course participants are graduate students, early career scholars, and advanced researchers becoming familiar with narrative inquiry or extending prior experience to another approach.